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Are You a DJ , Performer, or Club Owner looking for a ShoutCast stream ? Look no further Unity Streams Services has ShoutCast and IceCast Streams starting from 55L. Instant setup on payment. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact Duck Seoung via note card. We do not resell.

Grid: Secondlife
Owner: Duck Seoung
Slurl: Unity Streams Store

Now With AutoDJ

We now have AutoDJ Streams 40 60 100 Listener streams in both IceCast and ShoutCast software with liquid soap auto dj software 2GB Disk space included starting out at 800L a month


  • AutoDJ
  • IceCast v2
  • ShoutCast v1
  • ShoutCast v2 (coming soon)

ShoutCast v1 and IceCast v2

Prices are as follows:
Listeners Daily Price Weekly Price Monthly Price
40 55 Lindens 129 Lindens 500 Lindens
60 85 Lindens 163 Lindens 650 Lindens
80 95 Lindens 188 Lindens 750 Lindens
100 115 Lindens 213 Lindens 850 Lindens

AutoDJ Streams 2GB Storage IceCast with Liquid Soap or ShoutCast with Icescc

Prices are as follows:
Listeners Monthly Price
40 800 Lindens
60 1200 Lindens
100 1800 Lindens

All AutoDJ streams come with

  • 2GB storage (can be upgraded contact Duck Seoung)

Important Info

  • Stream Up to 320kbps
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Centova Cast Web Based Control Panel
  • Located In The USA Europe Soon
  • Custom listener plans available contact Duck Seoung

Unity Streams Store

--Duckseoung 21:25, 27 June 2013 (CDT)