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Tiny Bit Radikal (incorporating Bit More Radikal) is primarily a supplier of clothing for Tiny avatars, specifically those designed by Wynx Whiplash (although there are a few items for Dinkies, created by Etheria Parrott). Built and maintained by Alexis Radikal (AlexZev Resident), it has become a brand in the Tiny community. Its main store is set in the beautiful semi-residential SIM of Athen Shire in Second Life, and offers three other shops to browse in its mini-mall as well as a nice place to hang out - with a lovely house and garden you are welcome to use. It also has "Da Cannon". If you've dreamed of flying over a beautiful SIM with your derriere on fire, you have to give it a try. Look for the cake-like structure on the shop roof and climb on in, it will even seat human sizes ...

You can buy everything your Tiny needs, from a simple T shirt to a mini spanish-style house. With over 300 items to choose from, and regular sales and special offers, there's usually something there for everytiny. Tiny Bit Radikal is an established brand offering excellent customer service and the odd custom on request - you can buy with confidence. Be sure you have a Tiny, though, the outfits do not supply the avatar and the cute bunneh in the pictures is way too busy being cute to pose for you. You can catch up with her on her blog, though: [1]

Can't resist the appeal of Da Cannon? Then you can find Tiny Bit Radikal (and some human-sized furniture from Bit More Radikal) here: [2]

Afraid you'll not be able to survive the cute if you visit? Fear not, you can buy anonymously and save your blushes right here: [3]

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Please contact Alexis inworld (NCs are better, IMs get capped) and she'll sort something out for you. She does not charge for affiliate vendors, only commission at a reasonable rate.