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when it comes to your Gift giving needs.


This And That Gifts is Currently not Available.

This And That Gifts was Established April 29th of 2013. Original This And That Gifts was Vernosia's Gift Shop & Vomos Gift Shop Back in 2008. Vernosia after being away in RL for a few years never lost her desire for her Gift Shop In-World. It has Always been in her Heart and On her Mind. So coming back, from day one she has been on a mission to bring her DREAMS back to Life. And That is how *~* This And That Gifts *~* was born. With more Knowledge and more Options now than ever, we hope to bring the Community of Second Life some Pleasant if not Amazing Products.


This And That Gifts is Owned and Managed By Vernosia & VeetMesser. Our Products are Made with: Regular Prims, Sculpt Prims & Mesh. Many things in the works for *~* This And That Gifts *~*


Currently *~* This And That Gifts *~*, Carries:

~ Animated Puppy Gifts - that also have a Audio Back Sound

~ Balloons

~ Animated Gift Boxes

~ Beautiful Flower Bouquets

~ Pride Balloons - With June Being PRIDE Month

~ Fun T-Shirts For Males - Female versions are on there way! Along with more themes for all

~ Photo Frames

~ Sports Themed Animated Gift Boxes

We have MANY New Products and Versions of Products in there works. Join Our Group to Keep Updated on the Latest Releases and the Latest News *~* This And That Gifts *~*

Latest News

The Latest News is that *~* This And That Gifts *~* is working on a Catalog for the Shop. You Will be able to shop from the comfort of Your Own Home, Office, Ship, Boat, Tree House, Cave, Garden, The Beach; You name it! Where you like to sit back and Relax. The Catalog will have the option to update to the latest Catalog version by a simple click. Not only can you enjoy shopping from where ever you like but also stay up to date on every thing going on at *~* This And That Gifts *~* With out the Hassle of getting stuck in the Lag Monsters Rush Hour Traffic Jams. Now isn't that Spectacular ?!?!?!?!?! Catalog to be released before the End of July. To Get your Copy either stop by and pick up your copy from the *~* This And That Gifts *~* News Stand (When Released)! or You will be able to get your Copy from the MarketPlace (When Released) or Join our Group *~* This And That Gifts *~* And We will send you one (When Released).

Besides the Catalogs there are Many ~ Many Things in the works for *~* This And That Gifts *~* So Stay In Touch.


Be sure to join our group *~* This And That Gifts *~* for a 10% Discount, "When Wearing Group Tag". Sorry Discounts are not given when you use Gift Cards But Gift Cards purchased from Vendors do receive a 10% Discount, "When Wearing Group Tag".

Besides Group Discounts we will have time to time other Discounts and Even Gift Card Giveaways.

Gift Cards

First We would like it to make an Announcement that *~* This And That Gifts *~* will honor any of the Vernosia’s Gift Shop or Vomos Gift Shop Gift Cards. If you still have any of these please Contact VeetMesser for a replacement Gift Card. He handles the Gift Card Department. Even if they were freebie/promotion cards, we will exchange the cards for *~* This And That Gifts *~* Gift Cards. The old Gift Cards will not work on *~* This And That Gifts *~* Vendors. . *~* This And That Gifts *~* does have gift cards for purchase. At this time they are in the production process. If you should need a Gift Card sooner please contact VeetMesser. He will be able to help you sooner. . *~* This And That Gifts *~* will offer Gift Cards in the amounts of L$50, L$75, $100, $200 and $500. All Gift Cards are non-refundable. No matter if they Freebies, Self Purchased or Purchased by Someone Else. They are also Transfer Only. Gift Cards can be used with any *~* This And That Gifts *~* Vendor In-World. When using Gift Cards as a payment option there can not be a Group Discount Given. But when purchasing a Gift Card from a Vendor [until further notice] a Group Discount will be given when wearing the Group Tag. Gift Cards can not be used for catalog purchases. Only in store purchases. If you should have any further questions about *~* This And That Gifts *~* Gift Cards or Policies please contact VeetMesser or Vernosia. Thank You!


MarketPlace Store at: [1]

~or~ Stop on Bye at: [2]