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Tanelorn Mythology

Tanelorn is a mythical place, sought by those searching for eternal peace and harmony. Tanelorn is elusive but at once beauty and perfection – a haven, sanctuary, utopia, Valhalla, heaven. It is can also be a concept or a state of mind. “Tanelorn” is a creation of the fantasy author, Michael Moorcock, and features in his numerous ‘Eternal Champion’ series of novels.

Tanelorn Manor Designs

Established in 2010 by Muroc Scorfield and Hollywood Topaz, Tanelorn Manor Designs have always tried to capture the spirit of Tanelorn in their creations. Focusing primarily on high fantasy builds ranging from small furniture items, such as sprite lamps, mantle clocks, kitchenware etc., through to luxurious palaces and grand castles. A number of highly successful tech items, including advanced land management tools and performance monitors, are also available - the developer having over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry.

Current Tanelorn Manor Designs Logo
Founders and Proprietors:
Hollywood Topaz and Muroc Scorfield
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