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Creating all manner of Secondlife Electronics, old and new technology and hybrids

In World Store If we're not there, doesn't mean we're not here, just means we've probably moved and not updated this page.

You may get your own Affiliate vendor here, or here.

Also popular of late is this vendor.

We are, Aloha Motors ® and Cop Shop ® TX Xtreme ® Electronics.

Aloha Motors ® Logo and Name DCMA Protected. Recently started "TX Xtreme" at the stores slurl.

We build Mesh trucks,cars,motorcycles,SUV,luxury and sport custom built with many hours dedicated to the perfect vehicle for your secondlife needs. We also build the police Interceptor ... as well as carry full permissions products for you to build your own police vehicles.

We're excited to announce our new product line of TX Xtreme ® Electronics, Complete Media Centers, Web Based and good old fashioned parcel radios.

IM us for specific requests for new items. Reasonably priced.


   Any issues IM Tech Robonaught. Absolutely no refunds. We will however repair, replace an item with issues.
   Group members get 10% or more off some items. At my discretion.