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                       == TSO~Clothing,Gestures,Breedables,& More ==

TSO stands for Trixxi Starr Original. A lot of people ask what it stands for so now there it is! Trixxi Starr puts a lot of effort into creating items that she can share with the residents of SecondLife. Fashion is the latest thing TSO is putting out. Mesh clothing and pumps, primarily for the ladies of SL. What girl doesn't need a nice pair of basic black heels? The style is sexy yet simple. There are affiliate hair vendors for both men and women. Guys, you all know how hard it is to find a great hairstyle so come have a look at 100+ possibilities for your new look! Vendors are courtesy of EdelStore. Custom gestures done with creators own voice and others made with snippets of music or commercials. Breedables sold are Wild Kingdom cats; tigers, jaguars, and cougars OH MY! Some of the other breedables are Amaretto Horses, and BioBreed dogs. Contact TrixxiStarr Resident for direct sales on WKCats and Amaretto Horses! TSO~GesturesPetsFashion In-world store location: TSO~ClothingGesturesPets Feel free to join our store group as well! Group joiner is to the right of entrance and make sure u click floor logo for landmark back!