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We get an awful lot of .. shall we say .. interesting IMs from people who contact us by mistake.

Usually this is because they've right clicked a vendor and seen us as "creator" and then decided that we made the product IN the vendor.

Names have been redacted, because hey - we're not monsters.

We haven't included every one here (there are hundreds), but we've included the ones that made us giggle.

January 2018

[08:54] (REDACTED): i never got a cherry bomb hud for my breast pump and how do i use it

October 2017

[4:43] (REDACTED): you are messaing me in near by...please dont dothat
[4:35] (REDACTED): weare ready to give upthe land now  we never know who the hell to mesage we get no responses...nowwe get this from u and no whissies
[4:35] (REDACTED): smh'
[4:32] (REDACTED): Sorry, but you weren't on the subscriber list for this unit or this parcel! Perhaps you've already unsubscribed?

August 2017

[10:29] (REDACTED): i buy an object but the cloth not delivery
[10:29] (REDACTED): [03:13] Second Life: Wild Orchid Backup Server 005 propiedad de (REDACTED) te ha dado 'Wild Orchid _ Phantom Lingerie BlackSilver'  ( Lionheart Simba (13,137,28) ).
[03:22] Second Life: Wild Orchid Backup Server 005 propiedad de (REDACTED) te ha dado 'Wild Orchid _ Phantom Lingerie BlackSilver'  ( Lionheart Simba (13,137,28) ).
[03:23] Wild Orchid _ Phantom Lingerie BlackSilver: You are now subscribed to "Update Group for Wild Orchid". Thank you for subscribing
[03:23] CasperVend System: This product is the Wild Orchid _ Phantom Lingerie BlackSilver, and it's available for $395. Its permissions are: COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANS.

Explanation: Second Life: Wild Orchid Backup Server 005 owned by (REDACTED) has given you 'Wild Orchid _ Phantom Lingerie BlackSilver' (Lionheart Simba (13,137,28)).

Not only did she IM us about some other store's product, but she also pasted chat showing that the item WAS delivered..

[19:21] (REDACTED): can someone help me with the bunnypottie?
[7:05] (REDACTED): Wow... not only are you boring, you're pathetically vindictive, too! Awesome skill-set, little man (:
[18:48] (REDACTED): Hello !!!
My wife has gerde bought here a kleid!
But the dress is not there? The dress is called
Alyse Black !!!
How can that be, either the dress will be post-made or we step back from the purchase contract thank my wife is called (REDACTED)

This jackass apparently doesn't understand the concept of autoresponders..

(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:04:34 2017)yeah one last word fo you....... you go fuck your self you sorry sack of shit. now I know where your customer support gets there attitude... also hopes linden labs come out with a better system to put your sorry ass out
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:05:00 2017)fuck off dipshit
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:07:45 2017)oh and if you spam me or your bots one more time .. i will be sure to file with lindesn harrasement.
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:10:26 2017)that is now twice you have spammed me
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:10:29 2017)keep it up
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:12:15 2017)now  times
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:12:35 2017)all records or your spam is being recoreded
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:12:49 2017)and i am going to turn over to linden for harrasment
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:16:12 2017)you best get me off your fuckin spam list
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:16:16 2017)fuck head
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:18:51 2017)IM me again or spam me and i go to lindens.. how that suit you cockeyness.
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:19:33 2017)so now you.................. FUCK OFF
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:21:19 2017)really times now
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:21:42 2017)hmm record is noted and recorded for harrasment
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:22:01 2017)4 x time snow
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:22:16 2017)pathetic
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:22:46 2017)keep up with the harrasment spams
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:22:55 2017)i am recording every one
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:24:15 2017)really another
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:24:24 2017)you do not learn very easy eh?
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:24:44 2017)are you truly that much of a dumb fuck
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:25:53 2017)i am guessing you about to spam me again
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:25:58 2017)omg i can not wait
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:27:19 2017)yep and there it is
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:27:23 2017)i am done
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:27:42 2017)now I am reporting to lindens for harraseent
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:28:32 2017)IM me any further and all transactions will be forward to them
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:30:27 2017)oh maybe you thinnk that is threating you drama queen, but i find it as harrasing me
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:30:37 2017)stop with the spam
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:31:01 2017)now going to  contact lindens
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:31:15 2017)they can sort out your spam
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:33:01 2017)oh one last thing
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:33:31 2017)I have  records of all chat logs.. I will be more then glad to share on FB
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:33:43 2017)now you have a great day
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:34:27 2017)do not spam my ass anymore
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:36:17 2017)now 5 times
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:36:27 2017)i am getting annyed
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:36:50 2017)you have 24 for hrs to fix this or i wil report your sorry ass
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:37:17 2017)no more spam.. or you get reported.. so fuck off
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:38:39 2017)is the last warning casper
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:38:54 2017)i am not fucking playing games
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:39:51 2017)least now i know where bitch got her attitude from.
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:39:54 2017)done
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:40:14 2017)get me off your spam list or we go to lindens next
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:42:11 2017)again spam
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:42:16 2017)best fix it
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:42:47 2017)everybit of this i am recording
(REDACTED): (Saved Tue Aug 01 04:43:01 2017)i asked you to fucking stop the spam

July 2017

[17:32] (REDACTED): i wish i could cum in the underwear you make
[21:44] (REDACTED): Hi
[21:44] (REDACTED): do you sell "OH La La" in white?
[23:35] (REDACTED): hi
[23:37] (REDACTED): hi
[23:38] (REDACTED): ı buy COPY sex urinial 299L
[23:39] (REDACTED): But it did not come to me. Did you send it to me
[23:39] (REDACTED): help me please
[23:40] (REDACTED): You send me your stuff...
[23:40] (REDACTED): or 299lın come back  ok
[23:42] (REDACTED): yuh
[23:42] (REDACTED): ıwant stuffff!!
[23:44] (REDACTED): no spoort
[23:45] (REDACTED): ı buy toilet ı buy gay bed  no problem
[23:46] (REDACTED): but ı buy urinial you dont send
[23:46] (REDACTED): send me urinial oke
[23:48] (REDACTED): send me please
[23:48] (REDACTED): urınıla problem
[23:48] (REDACTED): ı dont see envanter
[23:48] (REDACTED): mk
[23:49] (REDACTED): ı buy bed no problem
[23:49] (REDACTED): ı buy toılet no problem
[23:49] (REDACTED): ı buy urıneal yes problem do you understand me
[23:50] (REDACTED): no sppartü
[23:50] (REDACTED): nonono
[23:51] (REDACTED): fk support
[23:52] (REDACTED): my dear fuck support oke
[23:53] (REDACTED): ı want 299lın or urinal adult jester oke
[19:14] (REDACTED): Hello, I would have a wish, for a rigged mesh dress, which unfortunately you do not have, Are you interested to listen to it, what I imagine so?
[19:18] (REDACTED): I am looking for someone to sew me a dress according to my wishes
[19:23] (REDACTED): forget it
[8:01] (REDACTED): Hey. I would probably have bought your product... but I now won't, because I clicked on the 'demo' button, and was told there was no demo. WTF!? Why have a 'demo' button, if there's no demo? Jerk.
[8:05] (REDACTED): whatever, asshole.
[8:06] (REDACTED): Your service is shit.
[0:32] (REDACTED): hello I would like to know if you would be interested in setting up vendors on my sim.  It is a sith based starwars sim.
[23:06] (REDACTED): i did bough and avi RAPTOR
[16:06] (REDACTED): and the folder name MESH RAPTOR dont appear in my inventory
[23:07] (REDACTED): what i can do plz help me i did expend 1000 lindens in that avi
[21:35] (REDACTED): eu comprei  MIKA CRIMSON COMPLETE OUTFIT, pensei que era o avatar, como encontro o avatar? quero uma avatar como o da foto
[14:28] (REDACTED): hi is alme. Precious Black for bento maitrya hand please
[1:53] (REDACTED): hello
[1:54] (REDACTED): i bought your product "Lace Top and Skirt"
[1:54] (REDACTED): but the product dont include HUD of the TOP
[1:55] (REDACTED): i can see three color TOP in the product's photo
[1:55] (REDACTED): i want HUD of the TOP
[22:34] (REDACTED): i pay  you  799  for   a  heartland house  i pay you instead can you please return my lindes
[22:35] (REDACTED): it was for the vender i made a mistake
[20:29] (REDACTED): Greetings
[20:29] (REDACTED) I saw your GLC Skybox
[20:29] (REDACTED): can you make a Blue Lantern Corps Skybox
[20:30] (REDACTED): ty
[20:02] (REDACTED): Sorry I came in your im more and that I bought a castle its he ta coming with error he does not complete the rez
[12:12]  You paid (REDACTED)
[19:24] (REDACTED): The transaction completed, but I got nothing!
[18:40] (REDACTED): Hi you giftcard no go i buy a outfit the linden no come back
Mon, 03 Jul 2017 22:03:07 +0000 

I went to you support and it said that you were not the vendor but I am standing right here and took a picture, you are the Vendor...So I had to buy another dress for her as a gift but I originally forgot to put resident after her name. I does however irritate me that you said you were no the Vendor,,,
Mon, 03 Jul 2017 17:23:46 +0000 

Hi there! I am wondering if you are hiring or looking for models for your products?

Special Mention

This one was intended for us, but we thought it deserved a spot here. Yes, we'll artificially delay our updates so everyone has broken orbs, k? Just to save you some inconvenience.

[14:40] (REDACTED): Could you PLEASE not release updates for Caspersafe 1 day apart? It takes hours to run through one update cycle on the upgradebee and is a huge inconvenience to do it again immediately after because the first update wasn't quite ready!

June 2017

[09:18:15] (REDACTED): hi hi - i have the equinox woodman set .. using the blowdart .. when im down and recovered ....... it says i still cant use it .. keeps telling me im unconscious .. which im not ............. help

February 2016

An oldie, but a goodie..