Steaming Ahead

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Welcome to Steaming Ahead

We are makers of fine antique furniture, period buildings, Steampunk and other strange machines.

We also make random items as it takes our fancy.

Look around yo will be surprised at what you find.

Explore the Steaming Ahead Attic where you will find sale items and free gifts!

We also participate in many hunts, so there are always gifts hidden somewhere!

Join the Steaming Ahead group and get a monthly free gift!

To get to Steaming Ahead on the wonderful Steamhaven sim use: [1]

Many of our items can also be found on the SL Marketplace: [2]

Take a break and enjoy the Steamhaven sim. It has many adventures to amuse you.

The maze will have you confused!

Get Greedy at our game tables, look for the Balloon ride (Coming soon) and look for one of several hidden couple dance balls in unexpected places.

Steaming Ahead is run by Brogancael.

Steamhaven is run by Brograncael and Gothicmuse (Penny Dreadful). Visit her wonderful store Eclectic Muse, just across the square from Steaming Ahead.