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Why are my customers being paid by me?

This is the big reason we say NOT to go by the SL transaction log - what you're seeing there are actually REFUNDS, not outright payouts.

But everyone uses the SL transaction log!

CasperVend does NOT, and never did!

CasperVend has its own transaction ID's that are separate from the SL generated ones.

To PROPERLY track a CasperVend transaction, you need the CasperVend transaction ID - this is given to the customer in their local chat, regardless of whether the transaction has completed or not (but you can also find it via the sales tab once you log in to CasperVend.)

(The exception to that rule: If they try to pay a group discount vendor with the wrong group tag, the transaction won't register, so there won't be a transaction ID - but they will still get refunded.)

This CasperVend transaction ID NEVER, EVER shows up in the SL Transaction page.

This means you DON'T need the SL transaction log at ALL if you are using CasperVend.

Why don't the names match between SL transactions and CasperVend?

Because SL's transactions list can only show the name of the object that is making the refund payment.

This is NOT always the same as the vendor that was paid!

In fact, it usually isn't!

To keep transaction speedy, CasperVend will use ANY of your vendors to make refunds/outgoing payments.

In practicality, this means that the object name will rarely match the vendor that was actually originally paid.