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This is a DRAFT PAGE - Not for public release - Information may not be correct!


CasperVend does not currently support a true partnership option where things are automatically shared, and you cannot share a DropBox (as it will only support sending data about products from the OWNER of the DropBox.)

This also means you cannot deed a dropbox to a group (as the group is then considered the "owner" and since the group isn't the entity that made the purchase, it won't send any data at all to the website.)

Available Options

If you wish to engage in a merchant partnership with one or more other individuals, or build on one account and sell on an alt, options within CasperVend that allow you to do this are detailed below.

All options are equally possible with the free or paid versions of CasperVend.

CasperTech is not responsible for any mishandling of your products by your partners - choose your partners carefully!

1) Partner Splits

This method allows each partner to control their own products, without having to give copy/transfer copies to anyone else, or having to deal with the potential hassle of affiliate vendors and their affiliate fees.

Each partner will need:

  • Their own copy of CasperVend
  • To set up profit sharing appropriately with all partners

2) Build On One Avatar, Pass Vendors To Another

This option allows you to maintain control over your products, while still allowing them to be sold in someone else's store or as part of a partnership.

However, this method will incur the CasperTech affiliate commission of 2% for premium vendors (or 5% for free vendors) since this will result in the system treating the next owner as an affiliate (this is because the avatar purchasing the CasperVend set they came from will not be the avatar that is rezzing them out.)

3) Build On One Avatar, Pass Copy/Trans Versions To Another (Not Recommended!)

This is primarily not recommended because the TOS of most full perm items does not allow sharing across multiple avatars, even if they're just alts.

CasperTech is not responsible if you get a DMCA filed for sharing full perm against the creator's TOS.

When you are working with an individual, you always have to remember that you are giving full control of all products which are copiable and transferrable to your partner. Human nature being what it is, there will always be the risk that they'll "cut and run" with your products, and never give you the required profit splits.

Option: Customised Vendors For Partners

If the partners all wish to have a unified look for all of the vendors, one partner can set up specially customised vendors and send a set of the newly customised (but empty) vendors to the partner(s) for them to load their products in.

As long as all partners have their own copy of CasperVend with a working DropBox, this will allow all partners to have a unified look while each partner controls their own products.

Follow this process:

  1. Rez out the custom vendor object
  2. Use the mapping helper and the customisation process to generate a custom MAPPING card
  3. Once complete, paste the information from the pastebin site into a fresh MAPPING notecard
  4. Remove the mapping helper script from the custom vendor object
  5. Replace with the vendor script, and the MAPPING card that you just created
  6. Do NOT grant debit permissions yet - click "Deny"!!!
  7. Set the desired perms on the vendor object
  8. Pick up your new vendor object
  9. Transfer a copy of this new vendor object to your partner(s)

Once you've sent your partner(s) a copy of the vendor object, you may rez one (or more) for yourself, THEN grant debit permissions, and start using them to show your products.


TOS Of Builder Components

Check the terms for any full-perm components that you are using from someone else. If alts and business partners are not allowed, then the only legal solution is to pick up a another set of CasperVend vendors for the avatar holding all the builder parts, and have that avatar do the building and selling.

No Gift Cards

There is no way to pay for gift cards to be purchased on one individual's copy of CasperVend, and be able to use them on another individual's copy of CasperVend.

Thus, no, partners cannot use CasperVend gift cards AS part of a partnership.

HoloVend Quirks

HoloVend cannot display products that are not set up on the HoloVend owner's own CasperVend account (the action of rezzing a demo is tied to a product listing.)

However, if the partners involved want to only use ONE HoloVend in the store (between all the partners) to show all the products, it is possible but it will need a special set of steps, above and beyond what is detailed on the HoloVend Setup page.

The additional steps are:

  1. Other partners send the HoloVend partner a copy/mod version of the product (this will allow it to be physically holo rezzed.)
  2. The HoloVend partner sets up that copy/mod product to be holo rezzed appropriately (as per the HoloVend Setup)
  3. HoloVend partner sets up a product listing not set to deliver anything, but with otherwise correct information, and points it to the holo demo in the HoloVend
  4. HoloVend partner sets the HoloVendor itself to "Only demo products - don't allow sales" via the HoloVendor configuration page.

All sales in this case will be taking place via the regular vendors, not the HoloVend itself.

By giving only copy/mod permissions, this particular activity doesn't violate the TOS of full perm items.