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Adding ThoysBot to CasperLet

Steps to perform Reference Image
Log in to CasperLet, go to the Group Bots page and click the "Add New" button.

(If you already have existing bots set up, you will see a list of bots under the "Add New" button - if you wish to edit an existing bot configuration, click the "Edit" button next to the name of the bot you want to edit instead.)
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Use the pulldown to select your bot type.
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You will be presented with information about:
  1. The bot type you've chosen
  2. Where to purchase the bot in question (in case you don't have it already).

These screen assumes your choice is ThoysBot.

Thoys bot info
If you have selected Thoys bot you'll see this screen. Remember that:
  1. Label = Display name of that bot as you want it to appear in your bots list.

Once you are done entering in setup information, click the "Next" button. If you've missed information that is required, there will be a popup screen to tell you what you're missing when you click "Next".
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Now you will arrive at the test screen. Click the blue "Test Now" button to begin testing the configuration.
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You will get a "Please Wait" window while the test is in progress, as shown here.
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If you have an error in your bot configuration, you'll get an additonal popup with the error message.

This is a sample of what the error message popup will say - there will be different errors depending on the configuration issue, and the selected bot.
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If the test of your configuration was a success, you will see this message.
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Clicking "OK" on the Success screen will automatically take you back to the main bots page, with your newly configured bot appearing in the list.

An example of a list of bots may be seen in this image.
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