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Adding SmartBots to CasperVend

Currently, this is only available on a per-product basis - no bulk settings.

Adding SmartBots to CasperVend (Per-Product Basis)

SmartBots / CasperVend
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1) Log in to CasperVend
2) Click "Products" tab on the left side
3) Click "edit" next to an existing product that you WANT to have a corresponding group invite
4) Once inside the product listing, scroll down to "SmartBots" section
5) Enter the name of your group under "Group Name"
6) Enter the SmartBot Group security under under "Group Secret Key"
7) Role: Will default to "everyone" unless you choose a specific role to invite people into
8) Scroll to the bottom and click "Save"
9) Repeat for each product you want to have send a group invite on purchase

To have invites sent on Marketplace purchases, simply add the Marketplace ANS link and the system will do the rest when it sees the purchase!

About the "Secret Key" Hash

When you add the SmartBot secret key, the Casper website will change how it appears, because it stores a hashed version. As long as what you are copy/pasting is coming from the SmartBots website, you should be good, no matter what it looks like afterward.


What is a password hash?
Password hashing is defined as putting a password through a hashing algorithm to turn the visible plaintext into an unintelligible series of numbers and letters. This is important for basic security hygiene because, in the event of a security breach, any compromised passwords are unintelligible to the bad actor. As a result, the theft of this information is considerably more difficult.

Bulk-Adding Bot Settings

Currently, This can only be done with Casper's intervention.
1) Set up a single product with the bot settings you want
2) Send an IM to "CasperHelp Resident"
3) Click the link in the autoresponse
4) Fill in the web ticket
5) Explain that you want a bot bulk-add to your products
6) Give the EXACT name of the single product you set up with the bot
7) Casper will work his magic and populate the bot settings to everything else.

Bot Delivery

If you wish to have your products delivered via SmartBots (you WILL need the Personal/Standard Bot service for this - it will use YOUR bot avatar), see this page