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This update fixes a "fudge factor" that caused the stored animations to be 0.05m higher than they should be.

Please note: This is a fix to the positioner, so please be sure you use the positioners in the update, not old ones.




A few people have been having trouble using multiple animations in a single seat.

This update hopes to strengthen that:

The Positioner will now automatically move into the stored position and rotation when you switch animations.

This means you can cycle through the anims after you've finished setting them, to test that they're stored correctly.

Please remember - DON'T save after you make each adjustment, just save at the end when you've adjusted all the positions in all the seats.

Please also remember not to delete the description of your object, since that helps us keep the sit data alive.


This is a bugfix release.

This addresses an issue with ordering (changing the description of the positioners to be something other than 0) causing corruption in some cases.

We've also fixed a problem with the backup server being unavailable since the recent caspervend migration, it's now back online. (Remember, this won't prevent your builds from working.)


SimpleSit v1.5 provides support for per-animation individual sit offsets.

This means you can have multiple animations in each seat, all with different positions.

To set each position, all you do is touch the positioner and cycle through each anim, moving the positioner into the right place each time. Simples!