Shops/Homes of Relaxation City

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Relaxation City is a Urban kind of grungy city located in the sim of Relaxation.

We have shops for anyone who is interested advertising their stores or looking for a Main shop to stay on. Also we have homes for people who are also interested living with us in the sim, the homes are provided by us and have full parcel access towards it once rented. This is the home of Dextris club, the club who plays many variety of music where people wishes to play(except Rap/Hip-Hop). For Entertainment, like I said we have a club to enjoy music streams, Also we have a casino for people who wants to try them self to be a lucky winner! Even have a fighting Area for those who want to fight each other in the cage. Come check us out! Feedbacks are welcome!

Current Stores-

-J&B Designs

-Phaytal Attraction

Locate us at: