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v2.20 (12th March, 2020)

  • Name changed to align with the Holovendor Update version.

v1.12 (4th February, 2018)

  • Added additional tracker script options with no-touch.

v1.11 (10th November, 2017)

  • HOTFIX: Build goes transparent when scripts are killed, regression from v1.10

v1.10 (10th November, 2017)

v1.04 (10th July, 2017)

  • Added some safety features to prevent prim litter when used with Holovendors
  • When daisy-chaining, commands "Cloak", "Uncloak", "Store" will now propagate down the chain
  • Reduced timer frequency to be more friendly to region resources
  • Added API information to the wiki

v1.03 (5th July, 2017)

  • The Rez2 Anchor wasn't properly deleting itself when being requested to by the HoloVendor

v1.021 (26th May, 2017)

  • When rezzed from a holovendor, you could still touch the rezzed prims and unpair. Fixed.
  • When killing scripts, sometimes SL would fail to send the packet (especially if you have a bad net connection) and you might still see the touchy hand cursor. We've attempted to fix this by adding a two-stage process.

v1.01 (26th April, 2017)

  • Hotfix for a bug with the Rez2 tracker script which causes it to refuse to de-rez pieces after a region restart.

v1.0 (26th April, 2017)

  • Initial release