Ravnous Womens Clothing

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Ravnous Womens Clothing

A fashion forward Second Life women's clothing store with cutting edge textures, breathing new life into classic designs. Ravnous strives to be the sexiest and hottest clothing store on the grid, and it really shows with her passion for designs.

With two stores [1](Main Store) and [2] (Chest Treasures Mall), Ravnous tries to bring her fashion to everyone! Even men come in from everywhere to purchase for their special girls or buy them gift certificates!

Ravnous has monthly group gifts, celebration group gifts, freebies in each store as well as in the marketplace, and with Lucky Chairs, MM Boards, and a growing number of Gachas, there is something for every price range!

Want to purchase in the Second Life Marketplace - find her store [3]

Keep current with the Ravnous Store Blog where releases, hunts, and other information can be found! [4]

Want a peak at past creations? Ravnous has them all listed here in Flickr [5]

Even stop by Facebook and say hello! [6]