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Racers Island Raceway was started in March 2007 with the intention to offer a multitude of styles of racing for enthusiasts to enjoy just cruising or challenging themselves or others by achieving the fastest lap times. It all began with three tracks an Oval for Stock Cars and two Circuit Tracks for Open Wheel and Drift cars and bikes.

We run for weekly races • Stock Cars on Sundays • Gokarts on Tuesdays • Drift Cars on Thursdays • Demolition Derby on Saturdays

Cars are available in our Mall and all RI cars (Except the Go-karts & Battle Cars) are sold with copy/mod/no trans permissions so all can texture as many styles of paint jobs they wish. Note: some of the Battle Cars change color and our Go-karts have color change as well as numbering system.

Simply buy the cars you wish to race and come join us, no other costs

Stock Car & Drift Car & Go-kart Races • Imagine barreling around a choice of 6 oval tracks or 9 choices of Drift tracks with eight cars around you, all about driving the best line while interacting with speed side by side with other drivers to achieve the fastest laps to win a race! • You can win cash prizes and all that participate in the race get points in the standings with 12 races per season (1 per week)

Stock Car & Drift Car Prizes: 1st - 500L$, 2nd - 300L$, 3rd - 150$L, 4th - 100$L, 5th - 75$L, 6th - 50$L

Go-kart Prizes: 1st - 200L$, 2nd - 100L$, 3rd - 80$L, 4th - 60$L, 5th - 50$L, 6th - 40$L

Demolition Derby Races • Run by our Race Manager Nella Boccara, these are amongst the busiest racing event in SL. 20L$ buy-in per race, smash n' bash, total carnage, first out wins a portion of the pot and the last out win the balance.

All 18 tracks are open to all except during races.

Our Mall is one of the largest race shopping venues in SL Largest collection of racing attire Second Life