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We are currently curating a collection for the victims of the tragic and obscene shooting in Orlando, Florida.

About the cause

On the 12th of June, 2016, a gunman attacked "Pulse" - a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The attack left 49 people dead and a further 53 people injured.

Where does the money go

All money paid into the fund will make its way to the Pulse Victims Fund operated by Equality Florida.

Can I trust you?

  • CasperTech Ltd is a legal entity incorporated in the UK, and as such we are regulated by UK law.
  • Everyone who donates will receive an IM from us once the payment has been made to the fund, with a screenshot of the receipt.
  • Identification has been provided to Linden Lab, and this collection has been publicised on the Second Life news feed.

However, if you have concerns, you don't need to trust us in-world - PLEASE donate out-of-world using the link below in order to help the victims.

How can I donate in-world?

We have a donation board rezzed on CasperTech region.

How can I donate out-of-world?

Visit the Pulse Victims Fund on GoFundMe to donate with real-world cash.

Can I rez a donation board on my land?

Yes, please. It's available on the marketplace (click here)