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OmniPotent Animations

The one stop shop for the discerning Perverts.

Featuring a diverse range of Animated products from the cutest toys and gifts to the most savage of violent sex.


Nail Filing Toys:

Ultimate GangBang Cage:

Specializing in Fun stuff to the funny stuff to Kinky stuff. Most products created as response to request.

♥ Does mi own thang - everything 100% Original, 100% own creation.

♥ High spec multi-layered animations, NEVER using Motion capture.

♥ Exclusive animations, all animations made for ONE particular product, never recycled.

♥ Interactive products. Very fun. all rezzable products have demos in store.

♥ Life time replacement of Mod/Copy items through redelivery terminals

♥ Most items come with Copy / Mod perms for flexibility.

♥ affiliate programme available to pick up.

Get all the fun here:

★ OmniPotent Animations Main Store

★ OmniPotent Animations @ SL Marketplace


♥ Vijay Uggla ♥,

Owner and his royal OmniPotence

(some claims him as most handsome merchant in Second Life)