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New World Enlightenment is currently a company running in Second Life as well as Avination, creating landscaping, as well as temples and fun houses. It's goal is to create meaningful spaces for all to be at peace.

Larre Leborski is the current owner of New World Enlightenment in Second Life, as well as Kelly Statosky (Linked to Kelly Svartur, owner of Sacred Octahedron, a division of New World Enlightenment that specializes in Fun Houses and Psychedelic builds) in Avination.

New World Enlightenment also provides DJ services as well, specializing in Trance and Ambient styles of music.


Larre Leborski - Owner

Kelly Svartur - Owner and assistant

Kelly Statosky - Owner in Avination

Fractal Psy Annie (FractalPsyAnnie) - Builder and Consultant

Larretronix Aquila - Official DJ and music contact

Second Life & Avination Links

Second Life[1]