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At M.O.M. you will get treated kindly, almost like a family :) We do role playing, which is like therapy if you'd like it to be, you can play a character that is someone you always wanted to be, but never got to be before...We use Magic like Harry Potter, M.O.M. stands for Ministry of Magic, we mostly hang out at Hogwarts and students take classes, Professors teach them, and good time are had :) We have parties about once or twice a year, and special events! We just all had to get together to fight off a Werewolf :) You can be a Professor, a student age 11-18, or a Creature like a mermaid, Werewolf, etc. You can even be a Muggle (non magical person) :) or a Magical Shop Keep, there's soon to be Hogsmeade at our sim :) Visit, I know you're going to like it! :) IM Thanatos Inglewood, Marz Marchant, Amberly Magee, or Leliel Enoch or whoever is online at the Sim entrance. Enjoy <3 (((((((Oh and we have a shop, too :D please help support our Kind Sim! Helps make the World a Nicer Place!)))))))