Midnight Lotus

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Midnight Lotus is a premier designer of anatomical attachments for avatars, other products, and entertainment venues within the Second Life Grid.

We currently offer male and female genitalia, tattoos for male genitalia, women's skins, and women's apparel. Our guest vendors also offer genital hair options, RLV-compatible add-ons, shapes, and full avatar makeovers.

Key information: Current owner: Hasuko Kuramoto Main store location: Whiskey region on Sansara. Marketplace store link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/9370 Affiliate programs available. Any affiliate must be approved.

Midnight Lotus was established inside Second Life in 2006 as an adult recreational destination, and has held main store locations in the sims Stump, Buffalo Run, Midnight Lotus, Summer Nights, and Whiskey.