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Mesh Workshop

At Mesh Workshop, we create high quality mesh furnishings for the home, commercial furniture, outdoor furniture, avatar accessories and so much more! If you’re looking for high quality meshes then feel free to visit our in-world store or marketplace! Most of our products come with full permission and limited permission versions so that if you’re not a creator, we will not charge you for our user license! Our license can be found in the contents tab above or by visiting our store by clicking here

About Us!

Mesh Workshop is an In-world, Marketplace and PrimBay based store in SecondLife, we stock full permission furniture and decor for retail, commercial settings and accessories the everyday SecondLife avatar as well as providing you with a variety of external files in DAE, BLEND and OBJ formats. All of these items are subject to our license which can be found in the contents tab above or by visiting out store by clicking here

Mesh Workshop works off a reward system, after spending L$500, we give you a 10% permanent discount on all future items!

We also stock a variety of products that are compatible with the CasperVend system and are located at our mainstore, these products all include mapping notecards so that they are able to work with the insertion of a script!

Mesh Workshop was built by a designer, for designers.

Custom Work

Our custom mesh logo scheme revolves around an online form which you will firstly need to fill out with the necessary information, after that we will contact you in-world with any additional questions and to discuss payment options. We have a minimum price of L$500 of which 50% needs to be paid up-front before the creation process begins, this pays for out time and effort which we put into the model, the other 50% is then your payment for the full permission product and any additional extras which you have requested on the online form. Logos which have intricate detail in the typefaces and objects will have a higher Land Impact cost and therefore take longer to get down to a suitable prim limit for upload, resulting in a higher cost for you the customer.

Click here to order some custom logos!

Please feel free contact Alex Britton (Owner) by clicking here if you have any questions or concerns about this process.


All of our Full Permission items are subject to the following license, regardless of the time and date of purchase. Failure to follow the following license will most likely result in a report to LindenLabs as well as the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). This license is subject to change at any time and was last modified on the 18th June 2014.

[1] External URLs obtained from our product boxes MUST NOT be shared.

[2] We do not give out the direct links to our external files, if you lose the terminal then please visit our store for a redelivery of the whole product box.

[3] Full permission items and textures must only be sold with either copy OR transfer permissions for a minimum of L$10 per object/texture.

[4] Products must not be sold ‘as is’ and we recommend that you edit the textures/mesh externally and/or link it to other objects in a build before redistributing to reduce the risk of breaking this agreement.

[5] All purchases will receive future product updates, related product advertisements and notices for new releases, to opt out of these notices, please click the ‘opt-out’ link which is sent with them.

[6] Unpacking scripts, licenses, vendor images and product notecards may not be full permissions.

[7] By clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button or by making a payment to one of our in-world vendors you automatically accept this agreement.

[8] If you find any issues with our products or they are not as advertised, we will provide you with a full refund and a permanent 10% discount on out in-world store. All issues with products must be send to ‘MeshWorkshop Resident’ and will be followed up within 48 hours.

Find Us!

See the following links to view and purchase items from us! you can also contact Alex Britton (Owner) by clicking here

Mainstore: Visit

Primbay: View

Marketplace: View

Facebook: Like

Flickr: Follow