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Welcome to the wiki for Maison de Trucs, Maison de Vetements, and Maison Limited. All three businesses are ran and managed by ColetteDeSauverte. Maison de Trucs mainly has home and garden items, whereas Maison de Vetements has clothing and other accessories. Maison Limited is a combination of the other two brands, but is very exclusive(more info on Maison Limited below). If you have any questions that are not answered below in the FAQ's section please feel free to contact ColetteDeSauverte.

Contact Information

Name: ColetteDeSauverte

Business Name(s): Maison de Trucs, Maison de Vetements, Maison Limited

Grid: Second life Official

Store location(s): (Not open yet)

Marketplace link:

Maison Limited

Maison Limited is an exclusive brand including special items from both brands: Maison de Trucs and Maison de Vetements. Items sold through Maison Limited are limited in quantity and availability. Items sold through Maison Limited vary and are not limited to only clothing, home and garden items, etc.. Admission to the group itself is set at 2500L and may vary at any given time. Pricing for items vary and is set according to it's rarity.


Q: Where's my product?

A: Please give the delivery system some time to make the actual delivery, sometimes the system is bogged down, specially if you are ordering something on the marketplace.

Q: Where can I receive updates on new items?

A: Please make sure to join both the Maison de Trucs and Maison de Vetements groups for updates and news.

Q: I bought two of the same item help!

A: Don't worry, the system will see you paid twice for the same item and refund you. If you have not received a refund for that specific amount please contact ColetteDeSauverte.

Q: How do you make these items?

A: Maison use's a multitude of programs such as 3DS Max and Photoshop CS6 to accomplish this goal.




Refund/Support Policy:

• Items that are set 'no transfer' can not be refunded

• Items that are set 'no transfer' will not be redelivered to alternative accounts

• Items that are set 'no transfer'