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About MUSCLE & BUCK Incorporated

MUSCLE INC was formed by Sam Stable (daltonprock Resident)in 2015 around October, then around December of 2015 another company was formed in with MUSCLE INC which is known as BUCK. These company's provide custom clothing for such avatars as the Aesthetic by Niramyth Productions, TMP male/female avatars by The Mesh Project, and other avatars including regular Second Life avatars. This company is a grid-wide company providing the best clothing for all. Then, around January of 2016, a new owner was brought it to help with regular creations. This user is named Rodrigo Colt (rodrigo9997 Resident) as he provides regular customer service when needed More information coming soon as it develops in time.

CasperTech's Involvement in Our Business

We have been using CasperTech vendors from the beginning including in the near future they will be using such plugins like CasperTech's update system which will allow customers to update their texture HUD's for various amounts of clothing. CasperTech vendors provide a easy user interface, faster deliverance, and many more including allowing regular updates on customer purchases.

Affiliate Vendors/Reseller Vendors

At this time we are NOT providing any of our customers the chance to become official affiliates or resellers intill such time we see the reason to. If someone uses a vendor with our products on it, then it should only be owned by the main owner Sam Stable (daltonprock).


If we have any official locations, then they will be listed below. Be aware that they will be updated every two weeks, so check back every few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy your products?
A: You are welcome to buy at any of our local stores in Second Life or our [Marketplace].
Q: Can I transfer my clothing or products to another account even if I have bout them?
A: We do not allow any transfer over to other accounts due to the policy's set by the manufacturers of our clothing templates and models themselves.
Q: What do I do if I bout the item twice?
A: Please contact Sam Stable (daltonprock) or Rodrigo Colt directly in-world (rodrigo9997).
Q: Am I able to get them for free or ask for a different price?
A: Due to policy's set by our manufacturers of our clothing templates and models we do not allow any free items or different pricing.
Q: May I get a refund?
A: All payments are final, no refunds PERIOD! Unless you bought the item twice and have the proof to show it.
Q: Do y'all do custom orders for certain amount of groups?
A: Yes, but you must contact Sam Stable in-world as information will then be passed to you.
Q: Are y'all hiring?
A: At this no, in the near future we may have slots open for talented people.

Contact Us

If you need in-world support, have concerns, questions, or just want to learn more about us then please do..

• Contact Sam Stable in-world for more information.
• Visit our Marketplace