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LoPo™ is one of Second Life's exceptional clothiers, offering exquisitely textured urban and hipster avatar apparel, jewelry, shoes, and more with styles that are in keeping with real world stores like J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, and The GAP.

The brand name was coined from the name of its founder, Logan Porterfield, a texture artist and graphic and web designer. Logan began offering her texturing services in Second Life in April of 2009 by starting a simple t-shirt shop located in the Tensel Moor region. Since then the store has relocated and expanded, and LoPo™ now offers a wide range of apparel for male, female, and kid avatars.

In June of 2011, Logan opened SL Ink by LoPo™: a separate division offering custom avatar tattoos and a smattering of flash ink. SL Ink has a reputation for offering avatar tattoos that are as close to the real thing as pixels will allow. Logan's pieces are singular, exclusive creations for her clients, meaning the client is the only person to whom the tattoo is given and the art is never sold to anyone else on any grid. Custom ink can be ordered for classic avatars as well as Slink, TMP, Belleza, & Maitreya mesh bodies.

In early spring of 2013, Logan expanded LoPo™ once again to include garments and goods not typically available to the Harry Potter role play communities in Second Life. This includes apparel and accessories for adult characters as well as students, and other steampunk/fantasy related items.

In 2014, Logan added low land impact furniture, home decor and buildings to her offerings. You can request custom avatar tattoos by leaving a message for Logan on the SL Ink answering machine in world.

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