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Lilith's Den, the Horned Side of Paradise

all you dont need - from creepy to silly

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About Lilith's Den

Lilith's Den - the Horned Side Of Paradise, I started in 2010 as sub label to my first label ,MANDRAGORA - Medieval Rustic & Elven Roleplay Furniture & Items, that I started in 2008.

Lilith has all that is less Elvish but more......twisted? Lets say, you find there " all you don't need from creepy to silly".

Most of the textures, sounds, as well as the scripts, sculpts and meshes that I use are my own work.

About "Runa"

Educated as Interactive Multimedia Content Creator and Designer, I use SL to create and live my personal unique and sometimes eccentric style.

As Ex-Roleplayer (no time anymore!) and Creator I am never bored. I try to support always as best as I can, though it is possible that you need to poke me twice or more to remind me. I am at times in too many projects at once, that's why my store tends to be somewhat chaotic. This may be for I am more an artist than a merchant :)

I live and created a " third life" as Wild Elf at the Celtic Medieval Fantasy Isle of Dee, a roleplay community and high detailed intense atmospheric fictional Sim. And Lilith's Den helped to maintain the Isle of Dee. I organize and script adventure quests and to create. The range of my builds goes from attachments, Clothes, over scenes/landscapes, buildings, Music Boxes, Avatars, furniture and Roleplay Items. My inspiration comes from dreams, books, images or roleplay scenes, and sometimes from suggestions of friends or customers -and not every thing I build lands in the store.

Best Greetings,

Light, Nuts and Laughter

(Runa) Alrunia Ahn