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Visit us In-World: Group UUID: secondlife:///app/group/b525aa89-e62d-7ef1-79de-a34f84dc9da8/about

▒▒▒▒ A Little About | L I F E | -- From the Developer ▒▒▒▒

   So I want to take this moment to tell those of you out there whom know little-to-nothing about the HUD, its development, what it entails, and what we are bringing to you a little bit of information about myself and of course, LIFE.
   LIFE itself in its raw essence is a matured-version of The SIMs franchise games. We give your avatar each of the following essential needs; Hunger, Thirst, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, and Entertainment. Each of these are needs that you will encounter with your use of the HUD that you must satisfy and are essentially the foundation for continuing progress in the LIFE Hud and Unlocking all the fun things we'll be adding to it as we progress. 

▒▒▒▒ The Nitty-Gritty ▒▒▒▒

  When you first attach the HUD, you are prompted to go to a website and enter your Character Name (It can be any name! It doesn't have to be your login name!), Select an Age, select how often you want to have birthdays, and select your gender. Depending on what age character you play, your needs will be slightly different. For example, if you're young, you'll need a daily nap, potty more often, and become dirty more-so than your adult users. 
   *NEW!!!* The last part of the Setup Process if VERY IMPORTANT! You will be prompted to Accept Experience and Leveling, Yes or No. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By Accepting Leveling and Experience, which unlocks rewards and sends you gifts, you are also accepting the chance that there is the potential for your character to "Pass Away". When you Pass Away, there is nothing graphic or morbid that happens to your character and it is very hard to achieve 'Death' because it would mean severely not taking care of your character. By "Dying" you simply are prompted to either Attempt Revival (you receive 12 hour grace period to revive your character with a Revival Potion) or Pass On. Once you Pass On, your character information is put into the Database Graveyard and you are prompted to create a new character.
   Once you've selected your startup information, you detach, and reattach the HUD and you're ready to start playing! Over time, your various needs will decrease. They are not fast at decreasing, they take anywhere from 4-10 hours to fully empty and need replenishing and they will only deplete while you are online and allow them to (i.e. have the HUD attached and make sure that the Play option is enabled.
   From here, you can use your LIFE enabled products, ***** or even place LIFE scripts in products you already own in your home to make them compatible with your HUD! ***** Have a favorite bed or couch or toilet (I know I do!) simply purchase and place the script into your item as long as it is modifiable and animations are not done via Pose Balls and Wah-Lah! You're good to go. Food and Drinks can be purchased in a large selection from the LIFE Mainstore as well as future Satellite Stores.
   It's all about progression! Take care of your AV! If you don't, you will not like the side-effects! Flies, passing out, messing yourself, and annoying stomach growls are all things that can plague your avatar if you fail to take care of them--Who wants that embarrassment!?

▒▒▒▒ The Back End ▒▒▒▒

   Rest assured that your progress is LIFE will always be tracked, maintained, and secure! Our website Database tracks your progress from the very first attachment to the very end of your Second Life career (hopefully that never happens!) Even with Updates to the HUD, updated products, and various fixes along the away, each time you attach your HUD it will pick right up where you left off!
   But, we are not looking to just send you on your way that easily! Oh no, we want to reward you for your continued use. While actively playing, you may stumble upon a random item, and they vary in terms of rarity. Some are very common, some are unique, and some are extremely rare! We want to encourage players to have a mini-economy between them and invite them to collect the rare items our system may send out. You can win things anywhere from a case of Ramen Noodles, to a 1000L$ gift card, all the way up to a bottle of Cure-All or Instant-Zombie (zombify yourself or a friend, and watch them remain a zombie for many days!)

▒▒▒▒ What's the Plan, man? ▒▒▒▒

   My goal for LIFE is to never stop improving it, and constantly be adding new features. Some features we have planned to release after the initial release include; Illness. An in-depth Illness system like nothing Second Life has seen before. We're not talking about your annoying cough attachment that spams itself to others--We're talking about a full on pandemic of sick avatars (Not really, but it could happen!). Anywhere from a mild cold, all the way to monkeyitus or other fun diseases (we want to keep it PG and fun, not overly serious), we can do it all and with the players' support, we will continue to push the envelope of it!
   With Illnesses comes the need for Doctors and Nurses, which leads me to my next item we are looking to implement:


   We will offer 4 career fields (to start, will most likely add more):
   Each career field serves its own purpose in the system and will be able to do different things. For example, Chefs can start out making microwavable meals and graduate all the way to developing cakes and pastries that cure hunger for days! Or plumbers that can fix your toilet and shower, or even create you a new one. Carpenters will be able to create toys and furniture that is not available in store wheras Doctors do just as it sounds; They heal you.

▒▒▒▒ My pledge to You ▒▒▒▒

   My goal is not to make money, or gather fame in the Second Life community. My goal is to give something to the community that many in it have long wanted and desired. I want to constantly develop this system, hear your ideas, and invest in them! This is not just my business, it is all of our business. 
   I offer an affiliate program that allows designers to place my scripts in their products and market them as LIFE enabled, as well as options for small-designers to place their items into our store and receive a large commission cut on their items. We want this to be a player-built system, where every voice is heard, and every concern is met.
   I promise and I pledge to always hear the concerns and ideas of our users. I will always move forward with the project to continue to add constant development and introduce new items on a regular basis. Never will I not find the time to help you or others with any problem that should arise and I promise to stand behind my product 100%.

Hanley Speiser Creator and Developer of | L I F E | HUD in coordination with Knives Sabretooth Scripter

© LIFE HUD 2012 Hanley Speiser