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Kwaad Teven

Welcome to the world of Kwaad Teven, the true home for the artwork of Justine Ashley Yates. Justine is a self-taught artist who started learning to create art as a way to advertise products she made for virtual environments. As her talent developed more she made the decision to offer her work to a wider market. If you are interested in buying any of the art pieces you have seen or would like to place a custom order, please be sure to check the links below. Kwaad Teven is a Real Life business so the prices of our products reflects the price you would pay in Real Life to obtain such wonderful art.

Kwaad Teven Products is now only available in Second Life at

Main Store:

You can see more of Justine Ashley Yates’ works by using the following links.

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page: @kwaadteven -