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As of July 2021 i am taking a break from building in Second Life. You will still be able to buy products from my store. I am still maintaining the store and providing support.

Just Thinking Creations Wiki

Furniture For Every Home In SL

High quality furniture made with prims. Group Store Marketplace

At the moment i have just tables and shelves for sale at my store. But as time passes i bet i will create other stuff like cabinets and beds, etc. (If i do cabinets i won't script the drawers and/or the doors, because thats impossible to do without breaking the whole product with prims.)


Hud Displays:

Customer Rewards:

Customer Rewards
Minimum Spend % Discount
L$250 2%
L$750 5%
L$1000 10%
L$10000 25%
L$20000 40%
L$50000 60%

Additional info here.


Send me a IM for any support. I will answer within 24-48 hours. If not, send me a nc.
Or ask the inworld group.
Please read everything in this section, as i have included a lot of useful info.


  1. Please send a message, i will respond as soon as i can.
  2. All offline messages go to my email.
  3. Please include JtAdSupport in your message (you can also use a hashtag in front).


  1. Only if no response by IM after 24-48 hours
  2. Use this naming format for notecards: Date.YourName.Topic-[JTADSupport]

Please see below for alternative contact ways:

Basic Troubleshooting:

Lost item in package: Get a redelivery.
Did not recieve items(s): Get a redelivery.
Unpacker won't work: Please check if the unpacker even has the script in it. If it does, try a redelivery.
HUD not working: Please IM me.
I hate all your products, what do i do?: Please IM me. If the suggestion(s) is not working, please IM me: JonasTemp, and i/we'll check out the problem and hopefully find a fix.


I only refund broken products. Please send me the transaction link or id inworld: JonasTemp. And i will help you.



Newest Release:


Group Gifts:

All group gifts are shown here, but only the current group gift can be collected for free in group notices. All group gifts is sold at my store, the current one too.

Group gift prices:

Current group gift - 10L$

Previous group gifts - 20L$

The current group gift can only be collected for free in group notices in my group.

The May 2021 group gift is kind of outdated and has no hud, not sold seperatly at store.