Joanna Vou's Creations

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Joanna Vou's Creations

Joanna Vou's Creations-Get Stylish! Established since 2013

Joanna Vou's Creations has everything for you to get stylish in Second Life! She designs:Gestures, Clothes, Tattoos, Pantyhose, Jewelry, Plants, Sky boxes & more. She also has a great collection of animated textures: dance floors, night club music bars, equalizer and more- all at high quality but low price! Be sure to visit Joanna Vou's marketplace store for more of her products! Visit Joanna Vou's Creations on the Second Life Marketplace

Marketplace Info Please click to show "General, Moderate, Adult" Maturity Level so that you will be able to see all of JoannaVou's creations. If you like her products be sure to go back and rate them & take a moment to write a review. Oh and don't forget to hit the items you like with a facebook "Like". Enjoy!

Group Info If you wish to join Joanna Vou's Creations Group please copy-paste this link into chat window and click on it: secondlife:///app/group/74ffa6d3-9f99-386a-d73e-2b3b901a9da5/about

Or send an IM to joannavou for an invitation. There is no cost to join this group. It is FREE!