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Incubo Design by Carl Landfall

Incubo Design is specialised in Residential, Commercial and Roleplay Creations from Appartment Tower to Sci-fi Fortress passing by Prefab Stores, Roleplay bases, Spaceships and Out of Sims. My store is located in the secondlife grid only. I have 3 set of affiliate vendors kits availlable on the marketplace only:

                                                                          Bronze 30%  free
                                                                          Silver 60%  4500 $L
                                                                          Gold   90%  9000 $L

My web store: My Inworld store:

My Inworld store is equiped with 2 holovendors one for each collection, so you could see small 3D replica of my creations, if you wish to see the original version just contact me by IM.

Custom Builds: currently i dont accept any projects (too busy rl)

For any questions or support please IM me inworld.