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The Greeblers Team

Who are we?

While technically under the grid account Greebler Resident, this business is the collective works of The Greeblers AKA Agent Tairov, Istauri Arai, Ifrit Skytower and Michelle Resistance.

What do we do?

We are based on the Second Life Main Grid and specialise primarily in sci-fi themed wares and products to match the roleplay setting in our sim Mesa 5. Said wares include spaceships from fighters to corvettes, frigates and other large moving vehicles. We also sell sculpt and mesh developer kits full-perms for people to create their own sci-fi items.

Our affiliate/franchise vendors are given only to very specific individuals, please contact us directly if interested.

Where to find us ?

Our Second Life Marketplace Store: Greeble

For direct delivery of most of our wares.

Our In-world store on the Second Life Main Grid at Mesa 5: Greeble at Mesa 5

Where you can see existing products in-world as well as images of upcoming/works-in-progress.

Our website:

Where you can find news about the team, the sim, and current projects.

For questions or support contact any of the following:

Istauri Arai Agent Tairov Ifrit Skytower Michelle Resistance