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Gorean Essentials™ by Miranda Ashby

©2007 - ©2014 Gorean Essentials™

If you have been in any Gorean market in the past several years, you have surely seen the trademark vendor design of the Gorean Essentials brand owned by Miranda Ashby. Her products has become familiar to old and new Goreans alike, providing the best-quality items with the lowest prims possible and pricing with a competitive edge. Gorean Essentials has gone back to it's roots and concentrating on the well-known Gorean items which caters to the needs of anyone in Second Life who is looking for top-notch products.

With the new changes in the searching attributes for Second Life®, my store name has been flagged as not appropriate. You will find my store under the keyword search 'Miranda Ashby' and 'essentials'. I would suggest to use my name as it's an easier search result.

What you will find here at Gorean Essentials™ is a product inventory which is always moving. I am always working on the products you will find here because this is my full time job. I am dedicated to bringing you the best quality-made items for the lowest price I can! There are several departments which makes up the Gorean Essentials™ store, here is some information on what's available so far.

Gorean Essentials™

Gorean decor, furniture and buildings for your house or Home Stone on Gor. Specializing in LOW PRIM, QUALITY sculpted items to save you needed prims. Slave silks and dancing kajira items. Wagons, living room, kitchen, bedroom and slave kennel furniture. Come visit the always-growing showroom where LOTS of new sculptie items are set out almost daily. You have to see what is here to believe the quality and choice!

Sim Dev Essentials™

For those who need sim design and building items, you can get complete details on how you can have your sim built by us. Take advantage of almost 5 years of building experience and have your sim built your way! Many will remember the original City of Lara and the Fields of Cardonicus. Contact Miranda Ashby for a no-obligation consultation for your building needs.


Quality mesh build items you can create with and offer as product line in your store.

SLAVE WEAR Clothes by Miranda Ashby™

No princess silks here! SLAVE WEAR™ is one of the first clothing lines which offered realistically made, affordable slave clothes which are suitable for any region. No more looking like you pulled yourself out of a sleen pen, covered in dirt and funk. No more looking like you slept in a fireplace, all dirty and ripped up rags. Just because you aren't owned by a high caste member doesn't mean you have to look like your owner doesn't care about how his property is presented!

SLAVE WEAR Collars by Miranda Ashby™

Slave Wear by Miranda Ashby™ for Gorean Essentials™ is proud to announce the release of the "Slave Wear Collar" line under the product name of "GE(sw)". For a long time now I've done custom collars for people and kennels by order because at the time i was the only creator to make a collar which was simple in style and would have custom 'engraving' onto it. With the release of the Open Collar scripting set, i am now able to release my collars to the general public at great prices, and of course with the best quality possible known by the Gorean Essentials™ name and reputation.

Dungeon Essentials™

If you are looking for new items for your BDSM or kinkier side, Dungeon Essentials is the place to go! After weeks of beta testing to refine the Secure Tight™ scripts, lots of new confinement systems are being released for you to chose from. Pick up a Jail Dev Kit if you want to use the system but like to use your own build, or buy a ready-made jail or slave kennel - just drop and go! Be notified when your captive escapes and easy to use menu system ensures you can add/remove other guards or Dom's to the door effortlessly. No more waiting for them to come online or be there with you!

Exotic Essentials™

Showcasing themed builds and furniture items from all over the globe. Looking for that perfect skybox that takes you away to an exotic destination? We have themed skyboxes that comes fully furnished. Be enchanted in the hot, sultry Arabian nights in the 'Memories of Morocco' or hear the shouts from the gladiators in 'Greek Revival' to name a couple! As I travel around the globe i will add more interesting themed builds from my adventures!

Please note that I no longer sell my items on any other grid or any other website. If you have been contacted from another grid to purchase my items, you have been scammed. Please report the action to the owner of the grid you made the purchase from. I will not support nor refund for purchases made from another grid.

Gorean Essentials™ by Miranda Ashby
©2007 - ©2014 Gorean Essentials™
Gorean Essentials™, Sim Dev Essentials™, Dungeon Essentials™, Exotic Essentials™, GEMESH™, SLAVE WEAR™ and [OOG]™ are all trademarks of Gorean Essentials™ owned and operated by Miranda Ashby within the virtual realm of Second Life®