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Ghostbusters Outlet Shop Banner.png

We Carry highly detailed Ghostbusters uniforms and equipment for men and women, operational Proton Packs & Slime Blowers, and Ghostbusters related t-shirts. Celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie with the most accurate uniforms and Proton Pack special effects on the grid!


Complete Ghostbusting Male Uniform Update.png Complete Ghostbusting Female UniformUpdate.png

Basic Ghostbusters Female Uniform Update.png Basic Ghostbusters Male Uniform Update.png Female Ghostbuster Uniform Update.png

Alternate Female Ghostbusters Uniform Update.png Alternate Male Ghostbusters Uniform Update.png

Ghostbusters2 Slimed FemaleUniform Update.png Ghostbusters II Slimed Male Uniform.png


Inworlds Locations

Main Shop at Oberon Region:

Aftermath II's Hero Mall Shop:

At the Second Life Marketplace