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Furry Fashion is a store and community based within the Sim Furry Fashion with over 3000 products for sale ranging from clothes to accessories, Furniture to scripts, Founded and owned by Amethyst Crystal With a mall that offers free spots to help new creators get started, a Lounge that hosts daily events with a chance to win Linden and around 7000 members Furry Fashion is one of the largest Furry Clothing and Accessories Stores in Second Life. Find us here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Furry%20Fashion/131/104/1203

With plenty of Items also available via the Second Life Market Place here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/36339

The main sim of Furry Fashion, 5 floors of furry fun hidden within a big police box! Feel free to pick up a FF Affiliate pack and earn 25% commission of every sale!

Avatar Den - Free 25 Prim Spot - Free 40 Prim Spot - 50L a week 80 Prim Spot -100L a week Mega Mall Spots - Prices vary For any other questions The Following mall staff and myself can help: Dhavali Rush Shukie Galicia Hitoru05 Resident