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Established in 2009, Freya's Finest Jewels is a business based in the popular on-line game 'Second Life®'. The avatar 'Norsk Himmel' is the owner & creator behind the business.

Freya's Finest regularly takes part in Grid-wide hunts and we have a Group where members can obtain Group only discounts, gifts as well as getting the latest news & information in-world.

Inworld locations:

Freya's Main Store
Freya's on On DMC2 Sim
Freya's Original store

MarketPlace store:

Freya's on SL MarketPlace


Freya's Finest Jewels Website

"Like" us on Facebook:

Freya's Finest Jewels Facebook Page

Freya's uses the CasperVend system to operate and manage all inworld sales. This allows gifting, and re-deliveries of both inworld AND Marketplace purchases.