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Dysfunctional Designs, located on the sim Dysfunctionality & owned and operated by Anke Hatchuk, is a small but growing business in the virtual world of Second Life. We have operated using purely "mesh" uploads since February of 2012, which are industry standard low polygon 3D objects made in Maya by one of our talented and reputable designers on our team, such as Kalia Firelyte or codered1200 Nemeth. codered1200 Nemeth has also generously provided us with fabulous custom low lag scripts which we use in many of our products. This allows us to offer you not only amazingly low prim impact on your land, but low impact on your scripts as well.

Our products feature a wide variety of more rustic and cozy furnishings (not very modern) to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home. Our most recent expansions in mid-2013 have been a slew of outdoor items including (but not limited to!) garden beds with a variety of fruits and veggies, fountains, gardening peripherals, gardenbeds with flowers or ferns, and very much more to help make your home feel like home! We could never list all of our products, as we're rapidly expanding each week with new items, so we urge you to stop by if interested. You can always find our latest information on our blog, including currently used SLurl and more Dysfunctional Designs Blog

Since mid 2012, we've been using the CasperVend system to operate and manage all inworld sales. This allows us to gift, use gift cards, accept non-Linden payment methods through VirWox, and handle redeliveries for both inworld and Marketplace sales all in one easy to use system.

To further this, we also offer free affiliate vending for anyone who may take interest in our goods, the rate is 20% and is non-negotiable. We're able to set these shops up inworld for you, or you may request copies of a multi-panel or individual panels for your own set up. Our system, as enabled by CasperVend, does not permit the owners to receive a discount when purchasing from their own affiliate vendor. Furthermore, if we notice you're using an alt, friend, partner, or other closely related or suspicious Second Life account to garner a discount for our wares instead of legitimate activity in a proper store, mall, or market location we are likely to terminate your vendor(s) and/or ban you from further use.

We also offer all of our wares on the Second Life Marketplace for your convenience. Please be sure you're logged in, and able to view mature items, as some items are still being improperly flagged or tagged as mature.