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Donnique's Designs is a classy but reasonably priced clothing and accessories shop in Second Life. Mesh and system clothing with attachable skirts, cuffs, collars and ruffles are available. As of right now mostly women's clothing is sold with the intention of adding a men's line and more children's clothes. All templates are purchased as full permission, this goes for system, special generators and mesh.

Store Policy: Refunds are at the discretion of Donni67 Cyberstar and Mystique Starspear. If you must contact us with a problem concerning your purchase please place all useful information in a notecard for our IM's get capped daily. Useful information includes: Item name, date of purchase, amount of item and what is wrong. Please note that we are not logged into Second Life 24/7 so we will respond within 48 hours of if not sooner. If you messed up modifying an attachment such as a skirt, you may not get another it's always best to make a copy of attachments, I (Donni) make them copy and modify. Failure to make a copy first usually does result in messing up your original. Modify your copy that way your original stays as purchased. I will help in any modification you want to make or I can modify for you at no extra cost to you.

At Donnique's we strive to bring you quality products without it costing you an arm and a leg. We welcome all suggestion for product ideas too.


Inworld SLURL
Donni67 Cyberstar's MP store
Mystique Starspear's MP Store