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UPDATE Divine Mainland Rentals offers dropbox hosting for low monthly fees. Please IM Aphrodite Atlas for more details - mainland sims running MC code (as of 8/5), rarely down at the same time. Store your primary or secondary dropboxes with Divine, make sure your customers receive their purchases in a timely fashion. CasperVend or any other vending system that requires a rezzed dropbox requires redundancy. Better safe than harried by customers wondering why their deliveries haven't arrived yet!

Thank you for your interest in renting land from Divine Rentals. Please read this notecard in its entirety prior to paying a rental box or rental vendor, as it contains answers to many commonly asked questions. Please contact Aphrodite Atlas if you do not find in this notecard an answer to your question or if you need additional information or clarification.

Divine Mainland Rentals Office, Badger [1]

  • Green mainland, most flat
  • Residential or commercial
  • Some (adult) furnished prefabs available
  • Ground-based or skyboxes
  • Some waterfront parcels with access to 16+ Linden water sims

Divine Mainland Rentals Office, Arches [2]

  • Steep mainland terrain
  • Currently set up with (adult) furnished skyboxes and empty platforms
  • Adventurous builders may enjoy steep mountainous terrain challenges

Please note: I have rentals available in each sim listed above. In order to see all available rentals you'll have to visit each sim, as I have no easy way of displaying all open rentals in one location. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause - please feel free to ping me (Aphrodite Atlas); I'll be happy to help you locate the ideal rental.

Divine Mainland Rentals does not issue refunds. Please read this entire notecard and ask questions prior to paying a rental box.

All available rental plots are located on mainland sims rated MATURE by Linden Labs.

Guidelines for Divine tenants are generally relaxed and unrestrictive. Be respectful of your neighbors' property and of your parcel boundaries. Do not violate the Linden Labs TOS. Mind your prim use.

Temprezzers designed to circumvent prim limits are not permitted and will be returned when they are discovered. These include rezzers that constantly rez furniture or buildings you would not otherwise be able to use on your rental because your rental does not support as many prims as the temprez objects. Tenants who repeatedly use temprezzers will be evicted without refund.

As a Divine tenant you will have the ability to change the media settings on your parcel and to control access to your rented parcel via a security unit. You will also be able to change the parcel name and description to suit yourself, and invite your friends to the group.

Divine Rental's rates are low. Please help them stay that way by paying your rental box in a timely fashion. Tenants who might be late paying rent may ask for an extension. Tenants who are chronically late in paying rent will not be permitted to renew their rentals. If your rental box drops and your rent remains unpaid for 36 hours your objects will be returned en masse and you will not be permitted to rent land from Divine Rentals in the future.

Linden Labs charges $L30 per week per parcel for search listings. Tenants wishing to list their rented parcels in the search must pay a separate rental box to cover this cost. If you list a parcel in search without asking for a search payment box your parcel will be delisted and your group role will be modified to remove the ability to list parcels in search.

Subletting is not permitted. You may not charge others for the use of prims you rent from Divine Rentals. Persons found to be subletting to others will be evicted without notice, without refund and without recourse, and all objects on the parcel(s) in question will be returned.

Divine Rentals provides sandbox space for tenants. Ask Aphrodite Atlas for details.

Divine Rentals permits scripted prim animals *within reason*. If you think you might have too many animals you probably do.

Common questions

Q: I'd like to use/live in a skybox. Do you restrict or prohibit skyboxes?

A: No. I do ask that you loft your skybox to 600m AGL or higher merely for the sake of "privacy". Some players run with their graphics set at 512m draw distance, any skybox lower than 512m AGL can potentially be seen and snooped.

Q: How can I change the media or music stream being played on my parcel?

A: Your DIVINE DENIZEN tag permits you to change both music and media on your parcel. Please be sure you are ON your parcel prior to making changes. I recommend browsing http://www.shoutcast.com for a music stream you like. When you find one open it in WinAmp, then examine the FILE INFO to obtain the URL for the stream. Copy that URL and paste it into the MUSIC field on the Land Media tab. I have no advice for you about media, other than that you will probably need to deed your TV-type device to the group for it to work properly and you may need to change the other media settings. The SL FAQ will probably be more useful than I am.

Q: You've changed the land ownership group, how can I easily modify my objects so they have the correct land group tag on?

A: The easiest way to do this is via mass edit. Select one item on your parcel (belonging to you) for editing. Edit the object, then on the TOOLS menu ensure that both SELECT BY SURROUNDING and SELECT ONLY MY OBJECTS are ticked. Now draw a large box around your stuff (it helps to cam out a bit before doing this) and, on the GENERAL tab of the edit box select DIVINE TEXTURES as the new group.

Q: My parcel is not very flat. What can I do about that?

A: Your DIVINE DENIZEN tag will permit you to terraform. Please ensure you are ON YOUR PARCEL prior to terraforming. The terraforming menu is accessed by right-clicking the land and selecting EDIT from the pie menu. You may experiment with any and all of the terraforming functions but be sure you are ON YOUR PARCEL when you do.

Please note that some rentals cannot be made flat. The eastern side of Obayifo includes a good-sized hill. Waterfront parcels in Badger can be raised and lowered but the amount of dry land and the degree to which it flattens are both quite limited.

Q: I have deeded a media player of some sort to the group and I need to pick it up. How do I do that?

A: Ensure you are wearing your DIVINE DENIZEN tag and take the object back into your inventory. If you have trouble doing this please ask for assistance.

Q: I keep finding n00bs screwing in my posh sexbed. What can I do about this?

A: As a tenant at Divine you control parcel access. I generally discourage the use of "ban all" settings (ie, unticking PUBLIC ACCESS) because red banlines are ugly. Use the provided security system to control access to your rental.

Q: Flat and green is great but I'd like some plants. What should I do?

A: For as long as the prims hold out in Obayifo landscaping supplies are available at no cost and will not count against your prim allowance. This applies to a lesser extent in any sim where Divine Rentals owns land. Please ask Aphrodite to throw some out. If you prefer to do your own landscaping (thus spending your prims!) you may use Linden plants or purchase landscaping supplies at any of the zillions of shops that exist on the grid.

Q: I don't really need more square meters but I do need more prims. Are more prims available? How much will I pay?

A: If prims are available in the sim where you rent you may certainly "pay up" for more prims. The base rate for additional prims is L180 weekly for 117 prims.

Q: I'm going to be late with my rent this week/month. Will you evict me for paying late?

A: Probably not, as long as you let us know ahead of time. If you're repeatedly late you may not be permitted to renew your rental.