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By now, all customers that we have data on should have received either a notecard or an e-mail about the recent announcement.

If you didn't get it, please contact support - send an instant message to CasperHelp Resident in-world and then follow the prompts you get in return, or e-mail

To help you, I'd like to clarify a few points and answer a few questions here.

1) What data does CasperTech hold that Linden Lab doesn't already have access to?

LL can already see all of your sales, rentals, etc - because these transactions go through the second life platform.
Most data that CasperTech collects gets transmitted to Second Life at some point or another as part of running the service.
For example, your product names, textures and pricing information get sent to the vendors.
Tenant rental expiries, rental configurations, etc get sent to the rental units.
However, some things are only used in our systems, such as e-mail addresses, and this data may not already be held by LL (for example, your CasperTech e-mail address may be different from the one you use with Second Life).
This is the reason why we have to follow the legal process.

2) I just want to keep my services, what do I need to do?

If you are happy with the services to continue as they are once transferred to LL, you don't need to do anything.

3) I never used your stuff, but I got a notification!

If you received a notecard or e-mail, it means we hold data on you. It doesn't necessarily mean that you used our services, just that you created an account at some point.

4) I don't want my data to be sent to LL. How do I object?'

Please use our tool provided at - this tool is specifically designed for this purpose, and will action a complete removal of your data (according to the options you select).

5) Can I continue to use my CasperTech stuff if i delete my data?

The system heavily depends on this data in order to function. Depending on what you delete, all or some of your CasperTech services will no longer operate.

6) What about my purchases or rentals with other merchants?

These will be unaffected. This data is owned by those merchants, they are the data controller and we operate in the capacity as a data processor on their behalf.
If you want this data to be removed, you will need to contact those merchants/companies to request it.
Your redeliveries will remain available.

7) My avatar is banned / I can't login, and I don't want my data to be transferred!

We need to be able to authenticate you in order to remove your data - we can't take your word for it, that would allow people to maliciously get other people's accounts deleted.
Please e-mail us at - we will attempt to authenticate you based on knowledge of your account, we'll ask you some things which only the account owner would know.
Unfortunately if we can't verify that you own the account, we won't be able to action the request.

8) Does this mean that CasperTech's data will be migrated to LL's systems next week?

No. "Data Transfer" in this context just means that we will be able to allow LL employees to access the servers and services which currently remain under control of CasperTech Ltd.
NOTE: A physical migration to LL's servers / networks may happen at a later date, but that is not what is meant here