Cthulhu Breedables And Rentals

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We are into mainland rentals since 2012 and since December 2015 launched our new skybox and skydome business along with breedables rentals and markets.

Sky Domes at 500 prims for 600L/wk Sky Platforms at 1000 prims for 1200L/wk Sky tenants get a FREE stall down at the Market grounds (total prim use consolidated with rent)

Breedable skyboxes and sky platforms and marketplace for: Meeroos, Fennux, WK, Kittycats, Amarettos, G&S, Dwarfins, Mossms & more!

Market Stalls/Pens/Podiums also available to the public starting at 25 prims for 30L/wk!

Mainland Rentals: 937 prims 4096sqm - 999L/wk or 3900L/4wks 1875 prims 8192sqm - 1999L/wk or 7800L/4wks 3750 prims 16384sqm - 3999L/wk or 15600L/4wks 7500prims 32768sqm - 7999L/wk or 31200L/4wks

Contact Akeiko82 Resident or ThunderEmperor Resident for more details/assistance

Inworld Location: [1]