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The Cootere' Build Group is a team of seasoned SL professionals who have come together to offer the best homes, commercial buildings, skyboxes, and sky decks in Second Life. Each team member brings a special talent to each build, whether it is imagination, decorating, or spotting flaws in pre-production builds.

We do not duplicate real life builds in Second Life. That is dull and uninteresting. We add unique features that cannot be duplicated in real life. Some features can only be found in our builds, such as our unique Flip-Floor©.

Many of our builds are very conservative (for us) and cannot be distinguished from a normal structure without the owner's knowledge they exist. Others can be, well, pretty wild.

We use Casper Tech to package and resell all of our builds.

Our model home lot is located on a 1/2 sim in Fibexus

Our Marketplace store is

- Cootere'