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Cold Forge is an SL business and group co-owned between Yomnole Luik and Sodalitas Dagger, that specialize in custom made Mesh objects marketed towards the Star Wars Role Play community. It is their policy not to use or sell mesh content ripped or stolen from games and other content creators with explicit permission and to sell their products at fair and reasonable prices. They also occasionally collaborate with Cheeso's Gun Emporium.


Cold Forge is founded between Yomnole Luik and Sodalitas Dagger in January of 2013. Having dabbled for years in SecondLife's building tools and in 3D modeling and animation applications like Daz Studio's Hexagon [1] and Autodesk's Maya [2] the two became popular members of the Star Wars RP community -- also called SWRP. Both became greatly excited once SL announced the release of Mesh and jumped at the chance to provide for their community. Making only minor meshes at first, avatar accessories, simple furniture, things like that. Not long after they first met they began to notice that the majority of the major vendors that marketed mesh objects towards the SWRP community were selling ripped and stolen content from games and other content makers. Soon it was decided that they should pool their skills and create a business with custom made content for the SWRP community. After some debate decided to name the business Cold Forge, both inspired by Yomnole Luik's hobby as a blacksmith and the actual technique of "Cold Forging" (that and most other forge related names were taken)