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HoloVend ChangeLog

Want to upgrade?

See Updating for information on how to update.


We've released an update for the Holovend VEHICLE TRACKER script which fixes issues with broken meshes which have no "size" (the vendor would keep re-rezzing).

You only need this update if you use the vehicle script and experience problems with the vendor re-rezzing over and over.

2020-05-30 v2.23

  • FIXED: Bug in 2.22 prevents rezzed items from staying rezzed

v2.22 (Recalled)

  • FIXED: Poor performance due to a bug introduced in v2.20

2020-03-14 v2.21

  • FIXED: Vendor owner is unable to use the blue dialog

2020-03-12 v2.20 - HoloVend emergency release


This is an emergency release to fix a bug introduced by LL - (previously

In order to work around this bug, we've had to change the way the rezzer works. Unfortunately, this means that after applying the update, the vendor can no longer rez any items you've already set up for it with a previous version. I know this is annoying, but thanks to this glitch, it's unavoidable.

The v2.20 HoloVend requires the Rez2 v2.20 or Holovend Tracker v2.20 script. We also no longer support the Jack-In-The-Box rezzer.

Also, even after LL fix the glitch, we will keep the new rezzing mechanism since it's more modern and more efficient.

Here's probably the quickest way to upgrade your items:

Get a redelivery of your Holovend Expansion Pack or CasperVend FAT Pack from the CasperTech store at


Note: this short-cut will only work if you can rez at 0,0,0 on the sim you're on. If you don't have permission to rez at 0,0,0, you could instead rez a copy of your vendor on a sim where you do have permission, like a public sandbox. All positions are stored as offsets, so it doesn't matter which sim you are on.

  1. Rez an item from the holovendor
  2. Remove the tracking script from the rezzed item OR if it's a Rez2, swap the rez2 anchor script in the item for Rez2 Anchor v2.20.
  3. Right click -> Take into inventory
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each item
  5. Upgrade the holovendor using the UpgradeBee
  6. Wait for the vendor update to complete
  7. Right click one of the items in your inventory, and click "Restore to Last Position"
  8. Add the new tracker script (if it's a rez2 anchor, you don't need to do anything here)
  9. Right click -> take the item into inventory
  10. Replace the item in the holovendor contents with the one you took
  11. Repeat steps 7-10 for each item

What scripts are affected?

  • Rez2 Anchor
  • Holovend Tracker
  • Holovend

What about the Rez-Free?

The Rez-Free is NO LONGER SUPPORTED. It uses the old rezzing mechanism which is affected by this bug, and we have no plan to update it. Use the Rez2.

What about the Rez2?

The Rez2 itself is already modernised and is unaffected by the LL bug, but the "Rez2 Anchor" script has been updated to work with the new holovendor.

The version of the Rez2 has been bumped from 1.12 to 2.20 to match the holovendor version, to avoid confusion.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SWAP YOUR "Rez2 Tracker" SCRIPTS OUT FOR THIS UPDATE. However, if they are lower than 1.04, it's highly recommended that you do so, since earlier versions will result in prim litter.