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Gift Card Limitations

These are the known limitations for gift cards as of card version 3.0.

Gift Cards Must Be Present to Top Up

To add money to a gift card, you must:

(1) have possession of the gift card
(2) be wearing it
(3) be at a top-up terminal for the shop the gift card came from

Gift Cards Are Merchant-Specific

This means that the gift cards will only work in the shop, for the products, of the merchant who made the gift card. And, only the top-up terminal owned by THAT merchant will be able to top up the gift card.

Gift cards cannot be used on a partner's vendors - each merchant needs to set up their own set of gift cards for use on their vendors alone.

Discounts and Profit Shares

For the safety of merchants, "gift card credit" is NOT considered to be "money" in the context of a CasperVend transaction, and therefore does not quality for discounts or profit shares.

The reason for this is the possibility of discount stacking. A discount or profit share may have already been paid when the card was originally purchased.

Discounts and profit shares are paid on any extra amount paid by the customer on top of their gift card balance - and then the amounts are calculated only on the money that is actually paid, not on the whole product price.

If you want to offer a group discount for group members using gift cards, set a vendor to that group, limit it to group members only, and then have your group members use their gift cards only on the group vendor.

Cannot be limited to single purchase

Gift cards may be set to a single product, or they may be set to a L$ balance. They cannot be set to a single purchase, because the script does not track the number of purchases. This also means the gift card cannot be scripted to self-delete after the first use, because the script will not listen for external commands - there is no gift card API.

Debit Permissions

There is one occasion where the gift card will ask the customer for debit permissions: When the amount on the card doesn't cover the cost of the product the customer is purchasing.

The customer will get a popup box telling the user WHY it is requesting the perms, before the debit window comes up.

This information popup must be acknowledged by the customer before the debit permissions window will come up. If the customer complains to you about the debit perms window, they likely just blindly clicked through the information popup without reading it before getting the debit perms popup.

The gift card will ask for debit permissions EACH time the card is used, whenever the purchase price exceeds the balance on the card.

Additional Notes On Debit Perms

  1. Fees, discounts, commissions and profit shares are ONLY paid if the customer pays an "extra amount" beyond what is available on their card (otherwise known as "part payments").
  2. Fees, discounts, commissions and profit shares are ONLY paid based on the extra amount paid by the customer, not the full purchase price of the product.
  3. .. this means that if the customer has a balance on their card which fully covers the purchase price of the product, no payments, discounts, fees, commissions, or profit shares are made.
  4. In the case of affiliate vendors, payments are made FROM YOUR account, not from the affiliate's account. This is because the "excess" gift card payments are made DIRECTLY TO YOU, and don't go via the affiliate.
  5. This means that if you have affiliate vendors and you also have gift cards, you MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE VENDOR REZZED YOURSELF, or transactions will get stuck on payments and DELIVERIES WILL FAIL!
  6. NONE OF THIS INFORMATION APPLIES TO TEXTURE VENDORS. No profit shares, discounts, fees or commissions will be paid on texture vendor transactions. This information only applies to transactions with regular vendors.


Common "Not Working" Errors

  • Cards are too old
  • Scripts are not allowed for the avatar testing the card
  • Adding quote marks or other symbols that should not be included
  • Trying to test it while it's still in Merchant mode
  • Land does not allow your alt/friend/customer to run scripts, therefore cards will not work for them. See the yellow arrows on this image to know where to check the option, and how it SHOULD be set for your gift cards to work for your customers.

Do NOT copy/paste the card within your inventory, or the new copy in inventory will default to a balance of L$0!


Q. I'm trying to set up custom gift cards, but I can't keep the "buy" button set to my preferred texture...
A. You need to rename your custom texture with the UUID for the "buy" button texture - 118ee4c0-c5ca-8d8b-7ab7-489f0a20765c - and put it in the gift card.
Q. I was able to set up the card correctly, but when I pass it to my alt/friend to test, it stays in "merchant mode"....
A. Your alt/friend is not able to run scripts in your store, so the gift card is unable to process and recognize the change in owner. If you are unable to set the land to allow anyone to run scripts, then that means your customers will not be able to use the gift cards on your vendors.
Q. If a transaction fails, will the money be refunded back to the card?
A1. If the transaction fails due to a problem with the card, yes
A2. v2.30 and earlier: If the transaction starts processing, THEN fails, no it does not - The website cannot communicate with the gift card, the card only SENDS information. It is critical to make sure that you do your best to ensure there are no failed transactions - the customer will need to contact you, the merchant, for a fix / replacement if their card purchase fails during the transaction process.
A3. v3.00 and later: Version 3.0 gift cards will re-credit balance if the transaction failed
A4. If the vendor is set to not allow gift card transactions, money balance on the gift card will not be touched, and the customer will get a popup saying it's not permitted.
Q1. My gift cards won't communicate with the vendors! Help!
Q2. I can't seem to set up the gift card, I keep getting "lost its configuration" messages.
A1. You have a gift card that is too old. Currently working versions are 2.09 and up.
A2. Check and make sure scripts are on in the parcel
A3. If you have a version more recent than 2.08 and still have an issue, get a redelivery to get the most up to date/fresh version.