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Info.pngMake sure that you have read the safety information and followed the instructions in "Prepare your card for issue" before you begin these steps.

Issue cards with the "Modern" method

  1. Rez the card that that you prepared in the "Prepare your card for issue" stage.
  2. Rename the card. For the Modern method, we recommend that you add something like "WEAR TO ACTIVATE" to the end of the card name.
  3. Make sure that the card has a balance of L$0. Cards MUST have a balance of L$0 to use this method.
  4. In local chat, type set issue. This will issue the card and make it transferable.
  5. Right click, and TAKE the card into your inventory.
  6. Place the card into your CasperVend DropBox (and any backup boxes if you have them, which you should!)
  7. Open the CasperVend Website ( and log in if you need to
  8. Go to the "Products" tab
  9. Click "List new product"
  10. Under "Item", click "Change Item" and choose the gift card that you placed into the dropbox
  11. Under "Gift card credit", enter the L$ value that you wish to credit the gift cards with
  12. Enter a product name for your gift card
  13. Choose a texture to use to advertise the card
  14. Under "Amount" Enter the price you wish to sell the gift card for
  15. Under "Permissions", tick "Copy" and "Transfer" (Gift cards distributed using the Modern method are safe for redelivery).
  16. Scroll to the bottom and hit "Save"

Your gift card is now ready! To test, buy the card with an alt (or ask a partner or friend to do it) and check that the card works with your vendors.

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