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COCON is short for "Collaboration Concept". We are a group of enthusiastic mesh artists, bringing new and unique creations to Second Life. We aim to deliver quality mesh that is both, visually appealing as well as low on resource consumption.

It is our belief that by creating thoughtfully designed products, we can make Second Life a more enjoyable place for every Resident.


  • All original creations - we do not use build kits or "premades" to complete our work, ensuring that you're getting a product that doesn't look like the next.
  • Custom LOD models - our meshes won't turn into a triangle at a distance. This way, everyone can enjoy our creations, even with the lowest possible graphic settings.
  • Reasonable texture footprint - by using techniques common in the gaming industry, we make sure that our textures will load quickly while still looking clean.
  • Non-restrictive permission - as long as there isn't a good reason not to, we will usually grant customers the right to copy and modify the products they bought.
  • Enable customers - instead of adding redundant scripts, we rather strive to educate our customers so that they can resize or recolor with SL's building tools.
  • A friendly community to work and create in, working together to keep up with the best practices in designing for Second Life.


  • Email:

Behind the collaboration concept you will find 4 persons. If you need to contact any of us you can find us in Second Life under the names:

  • COCONshopkeeper Resident
  • Frawmusl Resident
  • Domsson Lean
  • Celestine Ghiardie
  • Wander1ust Resident