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Cabria Village

Our Second Life and yours if you wish - we have a small number of premium private parcels with great neighbors, on one full region, with very reasonable rental rates.

Owned by Myles Capalini, this small estate is all about Community. We have rental spaces, but more important, we have fun together. We proudly cater to the LGBT community in SL, but welcome anyone who is accepting of our lifestyle. This is our only region, at this time almost 100% residential, but with a few very low-traffic commercial interests. We gave up on the idea of trying to run any sort of club here, as there are plenty of those around the Grid, so now we are just concentrating on keeping a small number of happy renters.

The region owner, Myles Capalini, and Estate Manager Edward Ballinger both live here, so we have a stake in helping you create the dream home you want.

For more information, just head on over to the rental office (Landmark is below) and start exploring. Who knows, you may find a new best friend or a new home.

----> Click link to get to the office ----> [1]

We are also proud Authorized Resellers for

Novatech (Tardis, delorean, Horizon, and More!)


CasperTech Products

----> Click link to get to the store ----> [2]


Alicia Stella Design Products

----> Click link to get to the store ----> [3]


Prestige Homes by Ballinger

----> Click link to get to the store ----> [4]

And, Last but not least

The Cabria Data Center

Safe, low-lag location for backing up your Casper Dropboxes The Casper team Strongly suggests copying your dropboxes and keeping a duplicate set on a different region than your original set. Cabria Village runs on the Main Second Life Servers as opposed to the Release Candidate Servers.

JUST OPENED, JUNE 1st 2018, we also have a second Data Center running on an RC Magnum Server (will be closing)

JUST OPENED, APRIL 21st 2021, we have a new Data Center running on an RC Server (replacing the original second location)

----> Click link to get to the main Data Center ----> [5]

----> Click link to get to the MAGNUM Data Center ----> [6]

----> Click link to get to the NEW RC Data Center ----> [7]