Bluebird Designs

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Bluebird Designs
FoundedDecember, 2009
Founder(s)JP Bluebird

Bluebird Designs is a virtual business inside of Second Life®.

Here at Bluebird Designs we focus on custom building, scripting, and professional texturing in order to bring you a quality product. The job isn’t complete until the customer is completely satisfied.

The Bluebird Designs Team

The Bluebird Designs team consists of scripters, designers, builders, animators, market researchers, and public relations. Our team has the education and know how to help bring you a quality product.

Partners and Affiliations

We are an official Partner of Xcite! and sell items and gear that is compatible with the Xcite! system. These items include ToKon compatible restraint devices.

Official Website:

Market Place: